Discounts For Extended Stays

Are you visiting the Red River Gorge for an extended stay? We have created cabin rental discounts specifically for you. Stay and save with us!

Cabin Rental Discounts for extended stays.

  • 5% off for 7-13 consecutive nights
  • 10% off for 14-20 consecutive nights
  • 15% off for 21 -27 consecutive nights
  • 20% off for 28 or more consecutive nights

Discounts will be applied when booked online through our website. You will not see the discount reflected when you reserve a cabin through our booking platform. However, when I process your booking I will personally apply the discount to your reservation.

Do you know which cabin you would like to stay in? If not, you can browse our cabin options here. If you see that one cabin does not have the availability for the duration of your stay, contact us. Sometimes we can piece together a couple different cabins so that your stay is seamless. We will honor the cabin rental discounts even if we have to move you into a different cabin during your stay.

This special cannot be combined with other discounts.  For example,  you cannot get an additional extended stay discount on top of our weekday night 10% off special.  We will apply the best discount, that saves you the most money, to your entire stay.

Contact us for more information

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(859) 230-3567 (Cell – Guiding Reservations)

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