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Torrent Falls has a long and colorful history in the Red River Gorge. Once home to the Adena Indians; they lived, farmed and hunted the land. In more recent history, the L. Park Hotel was built in 1890. This one of a kind landmark once boasted a suspended stage, a boardwalk dance floor, and an orchestra in the amphitheater. Now, Torrent Falls has cabins for rent. Red River Gorge is a vacation destination.  Torrent Falls is home to one of Kentucky’s tallest waterfalls and world class rock climbing out your front door.  It is a beautiful way to spend a vacation.  

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 Climber’s Cabin

 (max. occupancy – 6)

Red River Gorge Kentucky Cabins | Climber's Cabin

Red River Gorge Kentucky Cabins at Red River Outdoors


 Windy Corner

 (max. occupancy – 6)

Red River Gorge Cabins | Windy Corner

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Torrent falls Cabins for Rent Red River Gorge are privately owned, managed and maintained. The grounds are beautiful! With a very short walk from your cabin, you can enjoy a breathtaking cliff line amphitheater and seasonal waterfall. We have placed chairs back there so you can sit back and enjoy the sounds and sights of nature all around you. The waterfall runs in the spring and when it rains in the summer. There is nothing quite like sitting behind a waterfall, listening to it cascade down into the pool below.

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